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Yulia Nachalova, a personal doctor, named the true cause of the artist’s death: according to Vasily Shurov, the star made a tragic mistake and launched her health. About what led to the death of the singer, the doctor told the publication "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

CSKA midfielder Yevgeny Aldonin and singer Julia Nachalova

                    Sputnik / Vladimir Fedorenko

Former husband Nachalova: no one expected that everything would turn out like that

Six months ago, Nachalova was undergoing treatment for gout under the supervision of Shurov. According to the physician, at that time the singer had no problems with diabetes and she was not registered with the endocrinologist. At the same time, he did not hear anything about the oncological illness of the artist. Recall that before that it was reported that the star defeated lymphoma.

Shurov said that the actress showed carelessness and launched her health. According to the physician, the cause of the death of the singer was a "trifling" wound on her leg, which led to sepsis. Nachalova, according to the doctor, did not let anyone into the wound, she was self-medicating and hoped that everything would heal by itself.

And although after hospitalization, experts suggested her leg amputation, the star refused this option.

Julia Nachalova died on Saturday, March 16. The father of the singer said that her daughter could not stand the heart. The artist for a long time suffered from gout and plagued herself with Chinese drugs for weight loss. The singer has a 12-year-old daughter who will live with her parents Nachalova.

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