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MINSK, Feb 27 – Sputnik. The newborn girl almost died after a hug, writes the Daily Mail. A friend came to visit mom and her baby, hugged the child, as a result, the baby caught a serious illness.

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The girl almost died after trying on shoes in a store

The incident occurred in the Australian city of Perth. A local resident Megan Cockburn gave birth to a second daughter, named her Lila. 2.5 weeks after giving birth, friends and relatives came to visit her.

One of them hugged the baby, at that moment her mother noticed that the guest had a cold, but she was too shy to tell him not to come up to the baby.

“There is always a lot of attention around the newborn, people want to meet a new member of the family, but they don’t take into account what all this can turn into,” the woman admitted.

Not wanting to offend or offend the guest, the woman said nothing while he hugged her daughter for about a minute.

Child draws

The girl who was sleeping on the rug at the door was returned from the shelter to the family

"I did not have the courage to refuse (hug the baby). I was afraid to offend the guest or be criticized for worrying in vain," said the Australian. She added that she wanted the best, but it turned out the other way around.

The woman remembered that after contact with a cold guest Laila almost immediately fell ill. She lost her appetite, the baby did not want to eat anything for two days, she also had a severe runny nose and drowsiness. The child was sent to the hospital, where he spent about two weeks, but there was no improvement.

The girl spent several years in this state, only when she was three years old, her health was restored. The woman urged parents to protect the health of infants, not being afraid to offend relatives or friends.

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