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The health of the deceased singer and TV presenter Yulia Nachalova was shaken after she underwent breast augmentation surgery in the United States. This was told by the writer Maria Arbatova on her Facebook page.

Singer Yulia Nachalova

                    Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
Singer Yulia Nachalova will be buried at Troekurovsky cemetery

“I recently saw her on the set, where Julia cheerfully told the camera how she“ sewed her breasts ”in the best clinic in Los Angeles. And how hell bleeding started right on the plane on the way home, due to which she flew back and flew back. The clinic asked her not to sue, but promised to provide her and her family with medical services free of charge. They provided … "- wrote Arbatova.

Nachalov’s operation was performed in 2007, but the implants didn’t take root. The artist herself admitted on the air of one of the television shows that she decided to enlarge her breasts, because she was dissatisfied with her appearance after giving birth. She gave birth to a daughter in 2006, and in the summer of 2007 went to plastic surgeons in the United States, although doctors advised her to wait longer. However, the star wanted to appear before the audience with new forms as soon as possible. After the operation, she started having kidney problems, developed gout, as well as sepsis.

Users of social networks, having learned that the singer has blood poisoning, immediately suggested that poor-quality implants were inserted into her, and also doubted the qualifications of the doctors who performed the operation.

However, it is known that the body does not always cope with the presence of foreign bodies and sometimes recognizes them as a threat. As a result, inflammatory processes begin, the load on the kidneys increases, which in the end can stop working due to excessive load.

The singer's diseases worsened on March 11, 2019. She went to the hospital. It was also reported that she rubbed the corn, the wound did not heal, which also became an occasion to see doctors. After the death of the singer, her father said that she had a strong abscess, as a result, her heart stopped.

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