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MINSK, Mar 21 – Sputnik. The Belarusian doctors did a unique job – they managed to save the life of a pregnant woman who survived in a traffic accident near Radoshkovichi, the ONT television channel reported.

26-year-old Minsk resident Kaleria Stefanenko had an accident on the Minsk-Molodechno highway in October 2018. Four people were killed in a terrible accident. Five more, among them Stefanenko and her one and a half year old son, were hospitalized. The woman herself was in the fifth month of pregnancy.

Feet of a child in sneakers

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Belarusian doctors managed not only to save the life of Stefanenko, who spent two months in a coma. A week ago, Kaleria became a mother for the second time. A girl weighing 3.2 kg was called Alice. The baby was born healthy. The one and a half year old son, who was in the child seat at the time of the accident, also recovered.

“Already a happy father of two children. I am very grateful that we have such specialist doctors,” said Yevgeny Stefanenko.

Such cases when pregnancy is successfully resolved after an accident, the world has less than half a percent, said Elena Savochkina, chief specialist of the department of medical assistance to mothers and children of the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

“This patient was assisted in several healthcare organizations in the city of Minsk. A whole team of specialists worked,” she said.

The situation from the very beginning to the present moment is under the personal control of the Minister of Health.

Today, Kaleria was discharged from the center "Mother and Child". She is waiting for rehabilitation. The girl has already completed two courses, and the next will begin on Monday. Now a young mother is expected for rehabilitation in Aksakovschina.


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