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MINSK, Apr 3 – Sputnik. The Ministry of Health has prepared a draft of a new version of the list of medicines sold without a doctor's prescription, the press service of the Ministry of Health said on Wednesday.

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The agency wanted to revise the list of non-prescription drugs for a long time. After drafting the project for some time was on public discussion.

Finally, as Natalia Malashko, the head of the pharmaceutical inspection and drug supply management department at the Ministry of Health, said, a new draft list has been prepared.

"One of the significant changes is the abolition of the norms of dispensing drugs that were introduced in 2012: no more than 50 doses of tablets, pills, capsules, lozenges, granules, powders or no more than one package containing more than 50 doses, and no more than two packages other dosage forms ", – said Malashko, her commentary is provided on the website of the department.

Restricted rates will be retained only for certain drugs, including those containing alcohol (for example, hawthorn tincture) or phenobarbital (Corvalol). Restrictions will also apply to drugs containing levonorgestrel, mifepristone and potassium permanganate.

The list was updated taking into account the presence or absence of state registration of drugs. The names of homeopathic remedies are removed from the list (over-the-counter leave, with the exception of injection forms, is already organized for them).

It is important for consumers to remember that medicines are included in the list under international non-proprietary names (if available) and with the indication of dosage forms. If the INN is missing, they are included under the trade names.

"Thus, a unified approach to the order of sale of medicines with one INN, but with different trade names. In this case, all trade names will be sold without a prescription, which will create equal conditions for market access for manufacturers and ensure that patients can choose drugs", – added Malashko.

Some of the antibacterial drugs (antibiotics), glucocorticosteroids, and some others were removed from the list of OTC drugs.

When the new list of OTC drugs comes into force, it is not yet known.

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