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MINSK, Apr 10 – Sputnik. A public health emergency is announced in New York, reports The New York Times. This decision was made by the Mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, in connection with a measles outbreak in the Jewish community in Brooklyn.


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The Ministry of Health told about the number of measles cases since the beginning of this year

Emergency mode implies compulsory vaccination of local residents. According to the authorities of New York, about 300 cases of the disease are currently registered.

The mayor of the city acknowledged that this is an unusual action: all those in need who cannot afford the vaccine will receive it for free. Those who refuse vaccinations may receive a fine (up to a thousand dollars).

According to de Blasio, the medicine is absolutely safe and very effective.

According to the newspaper, in 2018, more than half of the measles cases in the country fell on New York and New Jersey, the number of cases continued to grow, which led to extraordinary measures.

Note also that measles is a contagious viral disease, transmitted by airborne droplets. Its symptoms are cough, fever, runny nose and rash.

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