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MINSK, Apr 22 – Sputnik. Quality medical care should be available throughout Belarus, the Minister of Health Valery Malashko said on the TV channel ONT.

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Lukashenka: doctors lack responsibility and professionalism in villages

“We should be focused on the outback, on the population to whom, possibly, territorially and professionally, the level of health care that is characteristic of large cities is unavailable. Primarily in high technologies,” said Malashko.

The Minister of Health noted that in Belarus today they are focused on "erasing the borders of both regions and regions." According to him, high-quality medical care should be available throughout the country: interregional centers, in particular, will be developed to this end, where they will help the rural population.

Valery Malashko also noted that the principle of the "golden hour" – the time interval in which effective assistance can be rendered, becomes fundamental.

"During this hour, emergency medical care should be provided to all the people of our country," the minister stressed.

Referring to the topic of emergency medical care in Belarus, Malashko noted that the existing problems were resolved, the system is now built.


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