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MINSK, Apr 19 – Sputnik. Alexander Lukashenko believes that special attention should be paid to health issues in rural areas.

Flu vaccine, archival photo

                    Sputnik / Igor Zarembo
Graduates of medical higher education institutions can increase training up to 5 years

Rural medicine

"We do not refine there, in villages, in settlements, with old men. It needs to be tightened to an appropriate level, although our people would be sinning to complain about something. The system is branched, installed. There is not enough responsibility. This may be professionalism, "the president noted and instructed the Ministry of Health to take special control over the issues of equipping local health facilities with medical equipment, personnel, and accessibility of services provided.

At the same time, Lukashenko stressed that “qualified specialists, real professionals” work in the Belarusian medicine.

High tech availability

The President cited several facts testifying to the high quality of Belarusian medicine. So, the services of our specialists are in demand among foreign patients. Last year, the country earned more than $ 200 million on the export of medical goods and services.

“Once we took out 500 million dollars, buying everything there, today we make money ourselves. And there is a potential for further growth,” Lukashenka said.

Both parents and teachers set up Khorostov schoolchildren to learn and get a profession.

                    Sputnik Alfred Mikus
Village school graduates: we love our village very much, but we will all leave

He noted that Belarusian doctors perform the most technologically advanced operations, including those that are the pinnacle of surgery – organ transplantation.

For example, Belarusian doctors performed 300 heart transplants, 600 liver transplants and many kidney transplants.

“It’s hard to believe, but more than 30 women after such complicated operations could give life to little Belarusians,” the president specified.

He cited other cases that, in his opinion, were included in the history of medicine and stressed that high-tech operations are being performed today not only in Minsk, but also in regional cities where modern scientific and practical centers operate.

“Residents of small communities should also be able to quickly and efficiently receive qualified assistance, especially in emergency cases,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

Sputnik conducts a text online broadcast of the annual message of the President.

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