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Vitamin deficiency is the main reason for the increase in the incidence in the spring, but an excess of vitamins can also sometimes lead to very serious consequences, therapist at the Kravira Medical Center Elena Mikhnevich told about this to Sputnik.

"The main cause of diseases in the offseason is vitamin deficiencies (vitamin deficiencies): due to the fact that the body is prone to colds in the spring, there is an overuse of vitamins. Their stock needs to be replenished," the therapist advised.

Pharmacy. Archival photo

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First of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor and pass tests for the content of vitamins, in particular groups B and D.

“The main problem for the people of Belarus is the lack of vitamin D (released under ultraviolet radiation – Sputnik), which can lead to disruption of the endocrine system, metabolism, immunity. It is very important in the prevention of spring diseases,” said Mikhnevich.

Is it possible to be poisoned with vitamins

According to the therapist, self-administration of so-called monovitamins (for example, only group A) is very dangerous.

"The use of a harmless multivitamin complex in the spring cannot be considered a dangerous mistake, but to begin independently taking monovitamins in a large dosage is fraught with consequences," the doctor warned.

Examination is necessary not only to replenish the vitamin in the required amount, but also to find out the reason for its lack.

"Excessive vitamin of some groups can be manifested by a strong allergic reaction. And vitamin D, for example, in too large quantities can lead to changes in the kidneys – calcification, impaired calcium-phosphorus metabolism," Mikhnevich warned.

Mercury thermometer for temperature measurement

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How to help the body to meet the spring

"In the spring, the air begins to warm up, and the humidity rises – conditions for the development of microorganisms improve. You need to dress properly: going outside, you should not focus on the daytime temperature, but on the morning temperature, without neglecting the headgear and clothing according to the season."

Another important recommendation and one of the ways to avoid disease is careful hygiene. Wash your hands often and use antiseptic solutions: about 80% of microbes a person receives, not by airborne droplets, but by contact: in the workplace, in transport, in public places.

"In the spring, you should definitely start tempering procedures. Give up a sedentary lifestyle, go in for sports and walk more – activate the body after hibernation," teaches Mikhnevich.

The exacerbation of a wide range of chronic diseases (in particular, ulcers, gastritis, tonsillitis) also occurs in the spring and autumn period. At this time, the therapist recommends being examined in order to take preventive measures in time or to begin treatment.

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