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You can support the body in the spring, observing a few simple rules, Sputnik was told about this by a dietitian and endocrinologist, the author of a blog about dietology, sports and medicine Olga Avchinnikova.


The only reason that really keeps you from losing weight

According to the expert, to support the body during the transition period between winter and summer, it is necessary to normalize and diversify food, walk more and stay in the open air more often.

How long should I go in spring?

As Avchinnikova said, in good weather conditions, it becomes easier to increase physical activity: it is important to devote sufficient time to walking and, for example, cycling (this applies to both adults and children).

"Try to spend more time in the fresh air: the necessary vitamin D for the body enters the body with food by only 20%, but it is also produced under ultraviolet radiation," she shared.

According to her, adults, according to the WHO recommendations, should pay about 30 to 60 minutes a day, children should spend at least an hour a day on physical activity, and everyone should spend at least 10-15 minutes a day in the fresh air.

The main products of the diet, or How to lose weight by the summer

"After winter, you should increase your vitamin status, even if during the cold season there were frozen vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can get all the necessary nutrients from food by simply diversifying your diet," the nutritionist advises.

Cherry juice

Juicy alphabet: what juice should be drunk for beauty, and what for mind?

Avchinnikov warns: despite the fact that in a warm time, energy consumption of a person due to an increase in motor activity increases, it is not worth overeating. According to the latest data, 52% of the world's population are overweight or obese.

In the spring in the diet must be present:

fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities (500 grams of vegetables, 200–500 grams of fruit per day)
wholegrain cereals (primarily cereals: barley, buckwheat and others)
lean meats, poultry
fatty fish at least twice a week (it contains omega-3 and fatty acids)
legumes (a useful source of carbohydrates, contain vegetable protein)

In the cold season, the expert shared, the body accumulates a little more fatty tissue, which is why it is easier to gain weight than in summer.

“To lose weight, even if only a little, you need to create a calorie deficit. For this, there are two ways: eat less or move more, but the best would be to resort to both at once,” Avchinnikova advised.

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