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MINSK, Apr 16 – Sputnik. Already 519 patients with primary immunodeficiency have been registered in Belarus, Ph.D. in Biology, deputy director for science of the National Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology, told Mikhail Belevtsev at the Sputnik press center.

Doctor in the hospital, archival photo

Expose PID: experts on the prevention and diagnosis of a rare disease

“If an immunodeficiency diagnosis is made, it increases the chances of receiving specialized care and improves the quality of life,” he noted and acknowledged that there are still cases when children died without getting a diagnosis.

There are ten signs that can help suspect primary immunodeficiency.

"The task of the doctor is to identify these signs. One of them is the presence in the family of a child with an already known sign of primary immunodeficiency or the death of a child in the early neonatal period from an unknown infection. Such cases should already serve as a reason to suspect a primary immunodeficiency," immunologist RSPC of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology Julia Zharankova.

Julia Zharankova

                    Sputnik / Elena Vasilyeva
Julia Zharankova

Vaccine-associated diseases, external features of development – all this can also be a sign of this disease.

Primary immunodeficiency is a rare genetic disease, a violation of the immune system, as a result of which a person is defenseless against various infections. The world around it is deadly for him.

Iya Dirko

                    Sputnik / Elena Vasilyeva
Iya Dirko

Many do not know at all what this disease is. The most common answer is immunity failure. Ia Dirko, Deputy Chairman of the NGO “Save the Immunity”, is engaged in trying to spread the most information about this disease so that people can learn about it not only from social networks. It is necessary that those diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency know that they can get help and communicate with those who also have such a disease.

World Week of Primary Immunodeficiency is scheduled for April 22-29 in Belarus. The focus is on taking care of patients with FID, as well as activities aimed at raising public awareness about the disease.


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