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MINSK, Mar 20 – Sputnik. The Council of Ministers of Belarus approved five projects of international technical assistance, including a project for the prevention and treatment of HIV patients and tuberculosis, the government’s press service said on Wednesday.

HIV rapid testing

                    Sputnik / Maxim Bogodvid
Government approves country grant for HIV treatment

For almost three months, Belarusian non-profit organizations involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS worked virtually without funding: they could not receive the allocated grant from the Global Fund because of long approvals in the republic.

Finally, the Council of Ministers approved five projects of international technical assistance, including "Strengthening the national system for the prevention, treatment, care and support of HIV and tuberculosis in the Republic of Belarus."

Thus, the republic will be able to receive a grant from the Global Fund. Recall that it involves financing until 2021 and will be the last for the republic. Then the country should itself finance the prevention and treatment of HIV / AIDS, as well as tuberculosis.

In addition, the Council of Ministers approved projects to help implement the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, improving access to emergency medical services in the border area.

The republic will also receive international assistance for the “study and preservation of the traditional craft skills of the inhabitants of the Dvina / Daugava valley and their transfer to the future generation”. The list also includes assistance for the implementation of the project "A humane approach to every child in the interests of a future humane society."

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