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Making a bet on products that trigger the process of metabolism, you will feel a surge of strength, energy and forget about problems with sleep. Follow the simple rules and give your body the opportunity to accelerate your pace, and your body to become slimmer.

Reduced calorie intake

In this case, it is important to observe the rule of measure: a sharp reduction in caloric content for the sake of reducing its parameters can harm the metabolism. Lacking the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body, your body can slow down the process of assimilation. Due to a lack of calories, an “underfed” organism will begin to destroy muscle tissue. According to American experts, you need to be guided by the rule of intuitive power: there is so much not to endure hunger, but do not overeat.

Cellulose is our everything

Fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes will help to maintain satiety during the day and will not allow you to be tempted by the goodies. Among the products containing a large amount of fiber, raspberries, pears, apples, green peas and broccoli are leading. Also do not forget about the balance of proteins, fats and fiber in the diet: they will help to normalize the level of hormones and remove the hated "ears" around the waist.

Increase protein

To maintain lean body mass protein is extremely necessary for the body. Protein is responsible for the long-term feeling of saturation and restrains our craving for harmful and high-calorie foods. Lean meats, nuts and Greek yogurt will be a great addition to the main menu.

Bet on iron, calcium and vitamin D

Iron is an important element for the transport of oxygen, which is responsible for burning fat. If time does not replenish iron stores, your energy will decline, and the metabolism will slow down. In addition, the lack of calcium and vitamin D, which is responsible for the metabolism in muscle tissues, can slow down the metabolism.

The life-giving power of water

Drinking water supports the general state of the body and helps us reduce the consumption of calories eaten, which can "spur" the metabolism. Conversely, a fair use of alcoholic beverages will lead to "inhibition" in the body's metabolic processes.


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