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A friend of the other day turned to Sputnik correspondent Tamara Zenina and begged almost tearfully to speak with her father, who was spending crazy money on a certain "elixir of youth."

Pills, archive photo

Supplements and sports nutrition will be checked for quality and safety

They can’t deceive on the radio!

The named amount was really impressive. Through online banking, the daughter discovered the deduction of 360 rubles from her father’s card. And this is with a pension of 470 rubles!

According to the check, the money was transferred for a drug whose name we can’t indicate and which in Belarus is registered as specialized food products of dietary therapeutic and preventive nutrition, or dietary supplements.

"Dad is buying this drug for the second time, and no matter how hard we try to explain to him that this is just a supplement, he still says that he" felt the energy "and that he intends to continue to wait for the promised:" when the joints become younger, "a friend complained .

It should be noted here that the father is 84 years old. He himself does not know how to handle a bank card. All payments, purchases and withdrawals are performed by a daughter and her husband.

“The first time dad asked for more than 200 rubles, supposedly in order to give someone a loan. We have a good relationship with him, and I thought that he had the right to manage his money. And he was simply afraid to admit to us that he wants to buy this drug, "says the woman.

After a while, she noticed three jars of “brown algae based gel” from her father and found out their value.

"Of course, I was shocked, but I thought: which of us once did not fall for such tricks. But recently, paying my dad utilities through Internet banking, I looked at the payment history and saw this check!" – emotionally recalls a friend.

Laminaria contains organic iodine, which stimulates the production of thyroid hormones

                    Sputnik / Mikhail Kireev
Laminaria contains organic iodine, which stimulates the production of thyroid hormones

Since, according to her, the father himself does not know how to dial a PIN code and handle the terminal, the woman assumes that he handed the card to the courier and allowed him to carry out the operation.

"The courier allowed himself to calmly write off a lot of money from someone else's card. He left some checks, some certificates. But for some reason, the last time three banks cost more than 200 rubles, but this time 360," laments daughter.

She believes that a company representative simply took advantage of the old man’s gullibility.

A pharmacist and a buyer in one of the pharmacies

                    Sputnik / Igor Zarembo
Russian manufacturer of dietary supplements for men will challenge the ban in court

Together with her husband and son, the woman tried to convince her father, printed articles for him from the Internet. But he remained adamant.

"At the same time, his main argument is that he heard information about the drug on the state radio channel. And they can’t lie there! For Dad, since the Soviet era, the main channel of the radio has been the mouthpiece of truth," says a friend.

I wanted old age to be happy

“I hardly watch television, I just listen to our radio, the first channel. There every half hour there is an organization offering a“ guarantee of health to older people, ”the acquaintance’s father confirms by telephone.

In recent days, he listened to ads so many times that he easily reproduced its main points by heart. The drug consists of "seaweed, contains the entire set of the periodic table and is recommended for use by all people over 40 years of age." But the main purpose of it, of course, is hidden in the slogan: "That old age was happy."

"The first time I took the drug, after a week and a half I felt a surge of strength and energy, my tone increased. Then, however, this sensation passed. But I decided to order the drug again, because they promised on the radio that it relieves pain in the joints," said grandfather.

He, of course, is upset that on the jars that were brought to him for the second time as a “means to strengthen the joints”, for some reason it is written: “use as a product of dietary therapeutic and dietary preventive nutrition with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardio- vascular system. "

Kelp kelp

                    Sputnik / Yu. Sivenkov
Kelp kelp

By the way, this elderly man, according to his daughter, has no serious health problems. In the past, he is a children's volleyball coach, he still plays tennis every day and even performs in amateur competitions.

– Perhaps sport also makes you feel this "energy"? I clarify.

– In general, life energy is pure water, air, physical activity, good nutrition, nuts and good mood, all together, – answering my question, the interlocutor deduces his own health formula and promises that he will not order a miracle drug anymore.

Protect the liver, at the same time get rid of depression

They produce a product that has caused concern in a family of acquaintances in Russia. On the official website of the company its useful properties and the truth can be read.

Everyone knows that "throughout the history of mankind, doctors and scientists have been looking for a natural healing remedy that can rid us of most diseases and become an elixir of longevity."

But, perhaps, not everyone else knows that "the dream of mankind has come true – in the XXI century, Russian scientists have found such a tool. This is brown seaweed – kelp!"

Strange, I naively associated kelp with sea kale, which was definitely not invented by Russian scientists, and certainly much earlier than the 21st century.

Nevertheless, an hour later I was ready to purchase "a unique product that contains more than 40 useful micro- and macrocells, including iodine in organic form, vitamins, alginates, dietary fiber, amino acids" – in general, grandfather wasn’t deceived by radio, – the entire periodic table.

An enhanced treatment-and-prophylactic complex based on this drug and a couple, as the website says, of “effective drugs that have no analogues” are recommended for a very wide range of problems.

For example, in order to "get rid of gastrointestinal diseases forever", "to avoid diabetes and fight it," to "improve the thyroid gland" and to "protect your liver from destruction and disease."

So they collect kelp

                    Sputnik / Vladimir Trefilov
So they collect kelp

By the way, the tool is really advised and "to restore joint mobility."

Well, when all the organs are put in order, according to the information on the site, using the same drug you can still reduce weight, overcome depression and even maintain youth and beauty after 40-45 years!

Pharmacist works in pharmacy.

                    Sputnik / Igor Zarembo
Questions to the pharmacist: whether to buy Belarusian and hawthorn

The recipes in all cases are simple: take drugs in sets of 6-8 or more cans for a certain time.

How in kale is killing everything useful?

On the phone from a commercial, I phoned the Belarusian representative office of the company and tried to order the drug supposedly for a sick grandfather.

They immediately clarified whether he had problems with the thyroid gland.

– With a thyroid gland does not have with joints.

“There are no indications for joints,” the consultant surprised me and recommended that my grandfather still purchase the drug “for the prevention of strokes and heart attacks that are dangerous at this age.”

– It improves blood circulation, helps to normalize blood pressure, and most importantly, it contains a daily dose of iodine! – the girl listed the healing qualities of her product, specifying that the expected result will be achieved "provided that the tool is taken at a rate of one to three months."

She calculated that, for example, for a two-month course, four banks with gel of 500 g each would cost 80 rubles each.

In response to the remark about the excessive price of the “health and longevity course”, I was given a lecture that “the preparation is supplied with a deep-sea two-year-old kelp of algae. Because only two-year-old algae contain polysaccharides, alginates and more than 40 natural and microelements "

Pills. Archive photo

                    Flickr / global panorama

Penalties for improper drug advertising will increase

The following are the wonders of pharmaceuticals!

“Algae are processed in our plant in Moscow at low-temperature hydrolysis. Thanks to this treatment, the algae shell was split in such a way that all living things were preserved there,” they convincingly reported to me.

Of course, I dared to clarify, but is it not the kelp that we all buy at an affordable price in stores under the guise of sea kale, a couple of spoons of which also contain a daily dose of iodine with minerals in addition?

It turns out, according to the interlocutor, "seaweed is coastal algae. In addition, it is cooked and pickled at temperatures above 90 degrees, so all living things in it are killed."

“Nothing useful, let alone a daily dose of iodine, is definitely not there,” the consultant dumbfounded me, in my opinion, having accidentally made some discovery. For all available sources are still convinced of the opposite.

Seaweed salad against dietary supplements

The head physician of the Republican Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health Angela Skuranovich confirmed to Sputnik that this dietary supplement was included in the Unified Register of EAEU State Registration Certificates (registration was carried out by authorized organizations of the Russian Federation).

And here is how the dean of the pharmaceutical faculty of BSMU, professor Natalia Gurina commented on the situation:

– Not a single dietary supplement can be either a medicine, let alone a panacea. This is a biologically active food supplement, such as tea or coffee.

Joint health after 50 depends on our respect for them.

CC0 / Pixabay / skeeze
Just about health: arthrosis, arthritis and other joint diseases

To register dietary supplements, only a sanitary and hygienic check is required, including control of heavy metals, radionuclides and microbiological purity.

Chemical control is not carried out, there is no evidence of at least any positive effect on the body, i.e. preclinical (in laboratory animals) and clinical trials are not conducted. The compliance of the claimed composition with the true content is not determined. Therefore, there is no reason to talk about the therapeutic effect of dietary supplements.

Moreover, their harmlessness is also not proven!

A man really could feel a surge of energy, because kelp contains organic iodine. When you use it, the production of thyroid hormones is stimulated. In addition, there is a placebo effect. Plus, an aggressive advertising strategy for distributors – and we have another "panacea"!

Sea kale contains two algae – kelp and porphyry, which is why it is cheaper in cost. The beneficial properties of this product have been known for a very long time.

I would recommend a hero to just periodically use a salad of seaweed, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and not replace a healthy diet with expensive supplements. And he will always feel a surge of energy!

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