You will find that the beer selection here at Apothecary is ever-changing to keep up with our wandering palates. Just like our wine, we try to find the best local brews, as well as worldwide beers to share with our friends. We are always open to new ideas and new beers to try, so if you have any suggestions for us or anything that you would like to see as a part of our selection, please let us know!

Our current palates prefer:

All beers are bottled beers unless otherwise specified.

Lone Star - $2
Brewed in Fort Worth, Texas
Type: American Style Lager

Fireman’s #4 – $2.50
Brewed in Blanco, Texas
Type: Blonde Ale

Southern Star Bombshell Blonde – $3
Brewed in Conroe, Texas
Type: Blonde Ale

Hops & Grain Alteration – $4
Brewed in Austin, Texas
Type: German-Style Altbier

Austin Beerworks Peacemaker – $4.25
Brewed in Austin, Texas
Type: Extra Pale Ale

Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle - $4.25
Brewed in Austin, Texas
Type: American IPA

Austin Beerworks Black Thunder - $4.25
Brewed in Austin, Texas
Type: German-Style Schwarz

Brooklyn Lager – $4.50
Brewed in Brooklyn, New York
Type: Malt Lager

Stella Artois – $4.50
Brewed in Leuven, Belgium
Type: Pilsner

Boddingtons Pub Ale (16oz can) - $5
Brewed in Manchester, England
Type: English Pale Ale

Blanche de Bruxelles - $6
Brewed in Quenast, Belgium
Type: Belgian White Beer

North Coast Brother Thelonious - $8
Brewed in Ft. Bragg, California
Type: Belgian Style Abbey Ale

Also available: Mexican Coke, Topo Chico, Diet Coke and Sprite

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