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MINSK, 29 Mar – Sputnik. A baby named Salvador was born in Portugal after living 13 weeks in the womb of a mother who died in her brain, writes BBC.

Baby Archival Photo

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Woman bore children twice in one month

The baby was born on the 32nd week of pregnancy, the baby weighs 1.7 kilograms.

The tragedy in the family happened after an acute asthma attack, which occurred in a pregnant 26-year-old woman. Doctors introduced her to a coma induced, but the patient's condition worsened – on December 26, doctors noted the death of the patient's brain.

For 13 weeks she was in a vegetative state, but the relatives decided not to disconnect the woman from the life-support apparatuses and give the baby a chance to be born. Her mother told Portuguese television that she had said goodbye to her daughter on December 26th.

This is the second such case in Portugal: a child was born in Lisbon in 2016, who lived 15 weeks in the womb of his dead mother.

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