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In shock from the death of singer Julia Nachalova, the entire Russian-language segment of the Internet has been around for several days. The actress left too early and, it seems, by a tragic coincidence.

In the latest episode of Let Let They Talk on Channel One, dedicated to Nachalova, the chief physician of the clinic where the singer was observed was Vasily Shurov.

Singer Yulia Nachalova, archive photo

                    Sputnik / Anton Denisov
The mafia of show business was accused of Nachalova’s death

The presenter Dmitry Borisov noted: information was published on the Internet that Shurov is a narcologist and psychotherapist. Why did he treat the artist?

"I studied her as the head doctor of the clinic, who selected specialists … She didn’t have my pathology," the doctor emphasized.

The doctors who participated in the program, who treated Nachalov, also listed the singer’s health problems: kidney problems, gout, gastritis. After the doctors realized that the kidney situation was too "neglected," she was transferred to a "serious hospital."

When Nachalova got into the purulent surgery department due to a leg injury, she could not prescribe strong antibiotics to fight infection. "The professor said that she could not prescribe a strong therapy – the kidneys could not stand it," the doctors stated.

As a result, Nachalova's kidneys failed. Further, sepsis developed, and the singer's life was claimed by heart failure.

The singer was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow on March 21. Thousands of people came to say goodbye to the talented artist.

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