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MINSK, Mar 14 – Sputnik. A case of measles was recorded in Lida – an 11-year-old girl who contracted the disease in Moscow was hospitalized, the Lida newspaper reported.

The work of a physician, archive photo

                    Sputnik / Nikolay Khizhnyak
Bobruichan, who worked in Moscow, arrived home with measles

According to the publication, a sick child came to the district center from the Russian capital, where he had recently been with relatives.

According to the head physician of the UZ "Lida Central Regional Hospital" Vadim Trubchik, at present the condition of the girl is assessed as satisfactory. Doctors have already identified the circle of people with whom she contacted, these citizens are taken under surveillance to prevent the possible spread of the disease.

As they were told in the Central District Hospital, the child was not given a measles vaccine at one time, because his parents refused to vaccinate his daughter.

Doctors once again reminded that only vaccination is the most effective means against this disease.

According to statistics, at the beginning of February this year, over 250 cases of measles were registered in the republic. More than 70% of patients did not have the appropriate vaccinations or did not complete the vaccination.

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