We’re featured in Triune Magazine

About a month ago we were asked to be featured in Triune Magazine, a magazine for the Crossfit Community. We were absolutely honored and of course, said yes! Here is a preview of that write-up…

Austin Chronicle

“Perhaps it’s the soothing aroma of freshly brewed coffee that greets you when you enter the cafe during the day, or the deep-hued red and brown interior palette, accented with Moroccan lamps and exotic-looking carved wooden frames. The appeal could also have something to do with the cafe’s unusual, diverse wine selection or the friendly informality of the staff.”

Tribeza Magazine

“Every neighborhood should have a place like Apothecary.  This charming new café and wine bar has quickly become a multi-purpose destination for lucky Rosedale residents. As its name and motto implies, Apothecary has ‘the cure for what ails ye.’ Need an espresso? Check. A grilled Panini? No problem. Glass of wine? You got it. Free WiFi? Live music? A muffin? Cold beer? Of course. All served-up by its personable young owners…”

Allandale Reporter

“In the morning, Apothecary serves coffee and espresso along with breakfast tacos from Consuelo’s down the street, and croissants and muffins from local bakers. They have lunch specials that typically include paninis with a salad or soup. In the evening, Apothecary transitions to a wine bar with a broad selection of wines and a full menu of paninis, salads, cheese plates, and appetizers.”


“ Clearly my friends and I partook in the wine part rather than the coffee part.  But in theory you can go and actually drink coffee there.  But you’d be missing out on great happy hour and reverse happy hour (best invention ever, by the way!) specials.”

Austin Tidbits

“Cancel your appointment with your regular doc and his icy cold stethescope. When it comes down to it, an Italian style espresso shot is really all the medicine you need.”

Maggie's Austin

“By day, it’s a well lit coffee bar and at night they dim the lights, turn the music up, and voila: wine bar.  They have a great menu of paninis, salads, and cheese or hummus plates.  This is a good neighborhood spot for a weeknight glass of wine…”