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MINSK, 28 Mar – Sputnik. Specialists of the National Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Surgery performed a unique operation on a newborn who had a heart disease, the STV television channel reported.

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                    Sputnik / Alexander Polegenko
Analysts believe that Belarusian healthcare is better than American

The boy was born prematurely, his weight at the time of birth was slightly more than one kilogram. At the same time, an infant had a heart defect at the time of the first examination in the hospital, and urgent surgical intervention was required to save his life. According to doctors, it was decided to carry out endovascular surgery through blood vessels.

“On the territory of the post-Soviet space, we can unequivocally say that this operation was performed for the first time. And if we speak about world experience, then this is probably a single operation,” said Yury Linnik, head of the department of pediatric cardiac surgery.

According to him, during surgery there were certain difficulties due to the fact that the vessels of the newborn are very small, so working with the finest instruments was very difficult.

It took the surgeons of the center several hours to carry out the operation, the doctors say that it was completed successfully.

At present, the operated child, whom the parents named Bogdan, is in intensive care, his condition is assessed as stable. After the newborn gains the necessary weight, it will be discharged.

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