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There is such a joke: life is beautiful if the antidepressant is chosen correctly. But it is important to remember: all your problems pills will not solve.

Spring antistress: how to recover after a long winter
With the arrival of spring, most of us experience a breakdown, frequent mood swings and a decrease in performance. The reasons may be many, but the most obvious and probable of them is vitamin deficiency.

Vitamins and minerals play the role of "first violins" in the processes occurring in our body. They are responsible for the state of the nervous and digestive systems, hair, nails, teeth, muscles and bones.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency and a guide to further action – in the help Sputnik.

How to deal with vitamin deficiency?

You should not make hasty conclusions and immediately run to the nearest pharmacy. Some of these symptoms may not speak about the deficiency of vitamins and minerals, but about the features of your body. The absorption of vitamins can be affected by the properties of your intestines, and zinc can be poorly absorbed due to joint use with certain drugs.

What you need to know about vitamins

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Vitamin Guide – Infographics

It is also worth remembering that we rarely lack a single vitamin, most often the problem is much wider, and the body needs a nutritional complex. In any case, it is worth seeking advice from a doctor and undergo a full examination. The objective side may reveal a urine and blood test.

To monitor the consumption of vitamins and minerals is especially important for chronic diseases: gastritis, diabetes and many others. Each case is individual and requires different vitamin doses. It is also important to note that vitamins work in conjunction with minerals and vice versa.

The most important vitamins

It is important to remember that there is no "absolute vitamin deficiency": if you had any vitamin in it completely, you simply would not have survived. But the seasonal decline in vitamin security, or vitamin deficiencies, is common.

After a long winter, the body is deficient in vitamin C, folic acid and carotenoids (yellow, red and orange vegetables and fruits). As for the vitamins of group B, then, as a rule, their body lacks all year round.

Vitamins, archival photo

Scientists have found new vitamin D benefits

Many doctors note that lately the deficit of vitamin C, which is found in fruits and vegetables, has decreased. But vitamin D, on the contrary, came out on the first "deficient" line.

In addition, in the off-season, it is recommended to drink fish oil containing beneficial fatty acids and vitamin A. However, remember: before taking vitamin or mineral supplements, you should always consult your doctor!

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