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Actually, therefore, for the first time many years ago I took up cheese. “Education is suitable, I have to manage it!” At first it was just a hobby. I gradually got carried away.

And over the past few years, I then turned cheese making into a profession, then I stopped doing cheese at all. Not because I was bored with cheese, but only because of the circumstances. But I will cultivate and make cheese again and again because this is probably the best I’ve done in my life. And this theme is infinite in its diversity: right after I assure myself that I know almost everything about cheese, I find that I know almost nothing yet. And so time after time.

And I like that.
What I lack, and always lacked, from the very beginning, is an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and experience in Russian. I met in absentia via the Internet with many English-speaking cheese makers from different countries. With some of them we became even buddies. But these are other people, whatever one may say, they are fundamentally different from us. Yes, and “for the power offensive.”

Well, what God has not cheated us, so it is clever. And we can do (and even sometimes do) the best for everything without taking it. But with some problems with cheese. It has long been, by tradition. And in the old days in Russia somehow they didn’t make much cheese, and even now they do the same. There are plants that can not be blamed for the poor quality of the product.